Free Introductory session Data Science Training

More and more companies are committing to data-driven decisions for their business. Data scientists perform research and analysis on big data and benefits companies to improve business by predicting progress, trends and business insights based on large amounts of data. The lines are blurring between the role of data scientist, product manager, and other related functions. There is a shortage of data scientists in the current job market. How can you get in on the action?EduAstrum ExcelR Kerala's Data Science course is one of the top programs in the country. Our classes prepare students for different analytics related positions in engineering, finance, healthcare, and business industries. We provide comprehensive knowledge and hands-on practice on concepts about the various aspects of Data Science. There are scores of online courses, both paid and free for you to choose from; but without a mentor how can you know which skills employers are looking? We look at your educational and skills profile and customize your learning experience accordingly. That is what we at ExcelR do for you! We provide personalized attention and continuous mentoring to ensure that you reach where you need to be.

Date : July 20, 2019

Location - Kollam & Cochin