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on   05 July 2019
3 months, 9 hours per week.
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25,000 + GST

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Robotic Process Automation

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Things You Will Learn

Module 1

1. What is RPA? What’s not! 2. Why RPA? 3. All RPA tools, Top 4 RPA tools and their Platform, Environment, Features & Limitation.4. What is SPA? Next generation of RPA! 5. Automation Market. 6. Automation Drivers. 7. Automation Economics. 8. Automation Challenges. 9. Automation Strategy. 10. Automation Implementation. 12. Robotics Bot. 13. Cognitive Bot. 14. Chat Bot. 15. Future of RPA, AI, Machine Learning, Cognitive computing 16. IBM Watson, Microsoft bot framework, Cortona Skills, 17. Current Development on Cognitive services & Products by Microsoft, Google, Amazon & others. and More 

Robotic Process Automation (RPA)

Robotic Process Automation (RPA) is an automation approach that uses the screens of underlying applications, just like people do. RPA solutions are external to the applications they drive, and are not otherwise integrated with those applications. Most of the robotic automations are focused on the tasks or incremental elements of work, which in aggregate, form more complex processes. As such, the focus is on standardized, routine, predictable, and rule-based activities that do not require expert judgment, intuition, or collaborative decision-making.

Why RPA?

Cognitive bots handle situations that are beyond the scope of RPA. They are especially effective in handling subjective decision-making and other scenarios where the outcomes are not determined in advance.
  • To avoid human errors and to reduce human efforts.
  • To saves time and improve productivity, accuracy and consistency.
  • Enhance the business analytics and easy standardization of workflow.
  • To have a frictionless delivery of tasks.
  • Complete Audit trail for any kind of compliance purposes.
  • Cost reduction.

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