Python & R Programming Training

Python and R programming Course in Kerala

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Batch Starts
on   21 Jan 2020
16 Hours
Course Fee
2,500 to 16,000

Jump Start Program- Python and R Programming

EduAstrum is thrilled to announce the second edition of our very popular scholarship program – Jumpstart. This year, our offering has been enhanced with up to 90% fee discounts! Our specially tailored courses have been created to offer 360 degrees of opportunities to students and working professionals. 

As part of this program we provide 5 innovative trainings that can be found nowhere else in Kerala. The program also provides additional benefits including:

-       3 months unlimited access to our e-learning portal

-       100+ hours of industry specific training on Big Data and analytics

-       Access to free webinars and latest industry updates

-       Career guidance and mentoring

-       Internship opportunities for performing students

-       Certificate awarded by consulting companies

-       50% discount on our core data science program

The best python and R programming course in Kerala

Python and R Programming Course in Kerala

Benefits of Joining

-  Python and R programming languages and its uses for developers
-  To learn how to write programs in Python and R
-  To learn various Python and R data types
-  Structure and different components of Python and R GUI tools
-  To learn how to write functions and pass arguments to programs
-  To understand about packages and its application in Python and R
-  To learn to read and write data/files for processing
-  To learn how to troubleshoot in Python and R

Things You will Learn From Python Programming and R Programming Course at EduAstrum

Module 1

Introduction to R Programming Language & Python Programming Language 

Module 2

Installation of R and RStudio (GUI)  &&   Python and Anaconda (GUI)

Module 3

Operations in R  &  Python

Module 4

Packages in R & Python

Module 5

 Data Types in R & Python

Module 6

R Scripts and Executions 

Module 7

R Functions - Inbuilt and Custom functions  &&  Python Functions - Inbuilt and Custom functions

Module 8

Error Handling  in R & Python

Module 9

Data nalytics in R & Python

Module 10

Visualizations in Python & R

Module 11

Machine Learning & AI Packages in Python & R

Python Programming and R Programming Course Modules

Our Program starts with basics of R Programming, evolving into How to work with Data in R; Importing the Data, Preparing the Data, Analysing the Data in R and Visualization of the results in R. Our course for Python and R programming covers both base and advanced module in detail.

Who Can Learn Python Programming and R Programming Course?

Eligibility: Graduates & Working Professionals | Basic Maths and Computer Skills 



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