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About EduAstrum

EduAstrum- Data Science Training institute in Kerala. With our branches in Kochi and Kollam, we provide our students with the best Data Science Training in Kerala. With the unique blending of both in-classroom training and online sessions, we make our courses interesting as well as interactive. With the access of Learning Management System (LMS), students have more control over their academic performance. Along with the classroom training delivered by professionally trained Data Science experts, we also concentrate on building practical knowledge through the application of each case studies in the form of multiple assignments on each Data Science topics. 

We also never deny the fact that Data Scientist jobs aren't for freshers. But instead of seeing this statement as a blockade to each student's career in Data Science, we see it as an opportunity. Our students who have acquired the Data Science skills through classroom sessions and the practical training sessions are then given an opportunity to work on live Data Science projects with our Business Vertical- Innodatatics, an Analytics solution provider with 50+ client companies including EY, Deloitte, HCL etc. 

That's not it! We not only provide technical training, rather we also thrive in supporting extremely for our student's career success. We achieve this success by focusing on developing essential skills required for a Data Scientist within each students. In short, from the beginning till you become a Data Scientist, we carefully mould each one of you through our unique Data Science Training model that rest of our Kerala is yet to see.

Data Science Training in Kerala

Benefits of Joining with EduAstrum

-Become Nationally Accredited Data Scientist with TCS Certification 
-Become Internationally Accredited Data Scientist with UNIMAS Certification
-160+ hours of Instructor-led training
-Top-Notch Faculty with Rich Industry Experience
-50+ Hands on Practical Assignments
-Advanced Data Science Mastery Curriculum
-Blended Training Model with Classroom + Online in Single Enrolment
-Life Time LMS access for Self-Paced Learning 
-Internship on 2 Live Projects by working withINNODATATICS
-100% Placement Assistance
-Post Training Support and Peer Support

Things you will learn From EduAstrum's Data Science Course Kochi, Kerala

Module 1

Statistical Analysis

1. Introduction to Data Science with Machine Learning, 2. Steps involved in completing a Data Science Project, 3. Performing Basic Statistical Analysis, 4. Exploratory data analysis using basic statistical knowledge, data cleansing, data preparation and feature engineering. 5. 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th moment business decisions. 6. Graphical techniques used in Data Analysis, 7. Normal distribution & Z-distribution. 8. QQ plot & validating normality of dataset.

Module 2

Hypothesis Testing

1. Introduction to Hypothesis Testing, 2. Insight on Null Hypothesis and Alternative Hypothesis, 3. Knowing Alpha error and Beta error in Hypothesis Testing. 4. Advanced Statistical Analysis using Hypothesis Testing. 5. Discovering more on non-parametric tests. 6. Hypothesis Tests using MiniTab and R.

Module 3

Regression Analysis

1. Linear Regression, its components and equation, 2. learning about Linear Regression calculator, 3. How to perform Linear Regression analysis. Multiple Linear Regression and its analysis, 4. Building regression models using various computer tools. 5. Evaluating results after performing various analysis, 6. Interpretation of probability in regression, 7. Multiple logistic regression and its analysis. 8. Studying about confusion matrix and its components. 9. Learn how to estimate Cut off Value with the implementation of ROC curve. 10. Performing various analysis using gain chart and lift chart.

Module 4

Data Mining

1. Unsupervised Machine Learning using Data Mining concepts, 2. introduction to several clustering algorithms, 3. Advanced Clustering such as Hierarchical clustering, K Means clustering etc. 4. Understanding clustering metrics and how to perform them, 5. learn about Dimensionality Reduction and its benefits in data mining using the PCA and SVD. 6. Supervised techniques used in Data Mining, 7. Network Analytics using NodeXL and other tools. 8. Learn more about algorithms like Apriori and Association rule mining. 9. Get to understand the mechanisms behind online recommender systems and various other online-engine algorithms, 10. understanding people collaborative and item to item collaborative filtering.

Module 5

Machine Learning Classifiers

1. Machine Learning modeling using KNN, 2. KNN algorithm for finding out K nearest neighbour. 3. Determining the K Value, 4. Splitting Data and building KNN Model

Module 6

Data Visualization Using Tableau

1. Introduction to Tableau: Data Visualization for Data Science 2. Overview of visualization tool 3. Creating data visualization Chart 4. Customizing data source 5. Data Interpretation using Tableau 6. Running heat maps for websites 7. Creating Pie Charts,Time Series chart, Maps and images 8. Calculations on Tableau, Interaction and grouping data

Module 7

Natural Language Processing

1. Introduction to NLP 2. LDA 3. Topic Modeling 4. Sentiment Extraction 5. Lexicons and Emotion Mining

Module 8


1. Time series data and its components 2. Steps of forecasting 3. Scatter plot, Time Plot and Lag Plot 4. ACF - Auto-Correlation Function / Correlogram 5. Visualization principles 6. Naive forecast methods 7. Errors in forecast and its metrics 8. Model-Based approaches 9. AR (Auto-Regressive) model for errors 10. Random walk, ARMA (Auto-Regressive Moving Average) & ARIMA (Auto-Regressive Integrated Moving Average), 11. Data-driven approach to forecasting 12. Smoothing techniques 13. De-seasoning and de-trending 14. Econometric Models 15. Forecasting Best Practices 16. Forecasting using Python 17. Forecasting using R

Module 9


1. Assignments on Every topic of Data Science with Machine Learning course 2. WEB EXTRACTIONS: 3. Amazon Review Extraction 4. TripAdvisor 5. IMDB Review Extraction 6. Snapdeal Review Extraction

Module 10


1. Multiple live projects on Data Science 2. Several Kaggle projects

Data Science Course Modules

Data Science Training in Kerala will be delivered by highly experienced and certified trainers who are considered as one of the best trainers in the industry. Each course content will be delivered to out trainees with utmost quality and clarity. We are one of the best-knowninstitutes for providing exquisite Data Science & Machine Learning training.


Who Can Learn Data Science with Machine Learning?

Professionals who can consider Data Science course as a next logical move to enhance in their careers include:

  • Students with graduation on Engineering, Computer Application or B.Com/BBA etc.
  • Professional from any domain who has logical, mathematical and analytical skills
  • Professionals working on Business intelligence, Data Warehousing and reporting tools
  • Software programmers
  • Business analysts
  • Six Sigma consultants
  • Fresher from any stream with good Analytical and logical skills

You are not alone, we walk the same path together

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