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Batch Starts
on   22 Feb 2020
16 Hours
Course Fee
6,500 to 16,000

Jump Start Program- Machine Learning on Cloud

EduAstrum is thrilled to announce the second edition of our very popular scholarship program – Jumpstart. This year, our offering has been enhanced with up to 90% fee discounts! Our specially tailored courses have been created to offer 360 degrees of opportunities to students and working professionals. 

As part of this program we provide 5 innovative trainings that can be found nowhere else in Kerala. The program also provides additional benefits including:

-       3 months unlimited access to our e-learning portal

-       100+ hours of industry specific training on Big Data and analytics

-       Access to free webinars and latest industry updates

-       Career guidance and mentoring

-       Internship opportunities for performing students

-       Certificate awarded by consulting companies

-       50% discount on our core data science program

Harness the true power of Machine Learning by utilizing cloud computing. The best course in Kerala to learn machine learning on cloud. The course gives beginners a hands-on training on Machine Learning in cloud environments. You will understand the concepts and algorithms required to perform Machine Learning on Cloud.

Machine Learning on Cloud Course in Kerala

Benefits of Joining

-  About Cloud Technology and its Advantages

-  Various Machine Learning Services offered on AWS

-  How Data is Loaded to Cloud Storage Services

-  Build Predictive Models using Amazon Machine Learning Services

-  Connecting Amazon Database Services and transforming the Data

-  How to Deploy a Model on Cloud

Things You Will Learn From Machine Learning on Cloud Course at EduAstrum

Module 1

Introduction to Cloud Computing and Models

Module 2

Brief Introduction to Amazon Web Service

Module 3

Compute Services in AWS - Elastic Compute Cloud

Module 4

Studying about Storage Services offered by AWS

Module 5

Security features through Identity and Access Management

Module 6

More about AWS RDS and Redshift

Module 7

Machine Learning Using Amazon SageMaker

Module 8

NLP and Text Mining using Amazon Comprehend

Module 9

Building a Prediction Model using Machine Learning Service

Module 10

Amazon Quicksight

Machine Learning on Cloud Course Modules

Earlier day’s machine learning required very specialized skills that were not possible to build for everyone did to resource limitations. The trend today is machine learning, which is a type of artificial intelligence that uses algorithms to learn from data. These systems build models from incoming transactional data, then find patterns in that data to make predictions. Machine learning on cloud course can be applied to multiple specializations or professional certificates programs.

Who Can Learn Machine Learning on Cloud Course?

Eligibility: Graduates & Working Professionals | Basic Maths and Computer Skills

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