Various Roles in Data Science

While the interest in various data science roles is increasing constantly, individuals in the business have used the designations and descriptions a bit freely. Data scientists of all types are in, apparently, hot demand. Subsequently, there is a great deal of confusion around who does what in the business!

In this post we are offering experience on a portion of the fundamental kinds of data science jobs that we have run over in the market so you can distinguish positions most appropriate to you.

Description of Various Data Science Roles:

1. Data Scientist

One of the sweltering job titles that you can gladly flaunt on your business card, is that of a data scientist. Data scientists are as uncommon as unicorns and get the opportunity to work each day with the attitude of an inquisitive data wizard. They master an entire scope of abilities talents; from being able to handle the raw data, analyzing that data with the help of statistical procedures, to share their bits of knowledge with their peers in a compelling manner. It’s little marvel that these profiles are profoundly needed by organizations like Microsoft and Google.

Skills & Talents

Big Data Analytics, Distributing Computer Visualizations, Machine Learning, Deep Learning, Maths & Statistics, Domain Knowledge, Story Teller / Reporting.


R, Python, Hadoop, Pig, Hive, Spark, SQL, Tableau/ Power BI, Qlikview, etc.

2. Data Analyst

Data analyst job listings encompasses an enormous range of duties, directly from making systems that empower business clients to pick up experiences, to guarantee data quality and administration, and to the performance of actual data analysis. But the skill sets are comparative. Typically, these experts fit into a similar classification as advanced analytics and data scientist professionals, since they all can analyze data. However, data analysts may be considered more junior-level professionals who are still generalists and can fit into a few distinct roles within an organization.

Skills & Talents

Descriptive Analytics, Predictive Analytics Visualizations, Maths & Statistics.


R, Python,SQL,Tableau/ Power BI, Qlikview, etc.

3. Business Analyst

Assignments that are fundamentally the same as those performed by data analysts can be performed by business analysts. However, business analysts would regularly have particular information on their business domain, and they then apply that knowledge and analysis specifically to the operation of the business.  For instance, they could put to utilize their investigation to prescribe upgrades to business forms.

Skills & Talents

Visualizations, Reporting / Story Telling,Data Modelling, Business Processes, Domain Knowledge.


MS Office,SQL,Tableau/ Power BI, Qlikview, etc.

4. Database Administrator

A database administrator is answerable for everything identified with the  monitoring, operation and maintenance of databases; often SQL or other relational database management systems.  Installation, configuration, defining schemas, training users, and maintaining documentation is what their tasks include.

Skills & Talents

Big Data Architecture, Data Design Database Systems (SQL & NoSQL), ERP & BI, Data Security, Disaster Recovery Backups.


SQL,Shell Scripting, Perl, Ruby, Python, R.

5. Database Engineer

Making the jobs of data scientists and data analysts simpler is the thing that the data engineers do; by working quietly behind the scenes. These innovation experts have an inside and out information on Hadoop and big data technologies such as MapReduce, Hive, and Pig, NoSQL technologies, SQL technologies, and data warehousing solutions. It very well may be said that their jobs are to build the plumbing — data pipelines that clean, aggregate, and organize data from different sources, and then load them into databases or data warehouses. Data engineers are not the ones that  analyze the data. They are the ones who create the software infrastructure that keeps the data streaming and handling with the goal that the information can be broken down by different experts.

Skills & Talents

Database(SQL & NoSQL), ETL, Data Warehousing, Big Data Tools


SQL(RDBMS), Hadoop, Pig, Hive,Java, C++, Pearl

5. Data Architect

The significance of a data architect’s job is rapidly expanding, with the ascent of big data. The data architect makes the diagrams for data management systems to integrate, centralize, protect and maintain the data sources. The data architect masters technologies like  Pig, Spark and Hive, and is required to be on top of every new innovation in the industry.

Skills & Talents

Data Architecture, Data Warehousing, Big Data Tools, ETL,BI Tools, Big Data Stack, Data Lakes


SQL, Hadoop, Java, C++, Shell Scripting

Discover your Data Science Dream job today. But remember there is not a generally accepted definition of data science and its roles yet. Try to get some information about details on what projects and technologies you will work with to ensure that there is a fit for you and your skills.

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In case you’re entering the data science job market for the first time, Welcome! I  trust this guide can help give you some more clarity on the sorts of positions there are and assist you identify the opportunities that are best suited to your talents and interests.